SIG Packages in Extras

Hello everyone. We have pushed updates today (9/14, 07:00GMT) that have some incremental updates from Red Hat (firefox/thunderbird), but also additional updates:

  • rocky-release updates to 8.4-34 - this adds provides for centos-release, among other changes
  • centos-release-* packages added to the extras repository

We have done this for users who want to still use CentOS SIG content but also have an easier time to transition from CentOS to Rocky by the time the CentOS 8 EOL hits. A bulletpoint list of reasons we did this is because:

  • RHEL Buildroots have been requested in the CentOS CBS - This means that we will very likely still see non-stream repos for SIG packages upstream by the time CentOS 8 goes EOL - This will be a massive benefit to Rocky and other Enterprise Linux’s
  • Migrating from CentOS 8 to Rocky 8 should be seamless: We’ve had numerous users try to migrate and fail while using centos-release-* packages for SIGs - the update to rocky-release helps address that problem
  • We did not want to duplicate certain efforts that would give us little gain - this is especially true for things like glusterfs, openstack
  • Focus can be put into Rocky SIGs that do not exist upstream - for example, altarch or even rpi specific stuff that a couple of us in RelEng have put a lot of efforts in on the side

The mirrors should sync over time to provide this content. You can find out what release packages are available by running dnf search centos-release - If you find the release package you want to install doesn’t install or there is one that is upstream but we don’t have, please let us know! In the meanwhile, myself and RelEng will be coming up with ideas and a game plan on how we want to enable the community for Rocky-specific SIGs. More information will come out soon in Mattermost (under ~development and ~siggeneral) when we have it for the community.


Are you sure that will work out? I would expect CentOS SIGs to produce content for CentOS Stream, and CentOS Stream is not guaranteed to be ABI compliant to RHEL and Clones and SIG content probably will possibly not be ABI compliant too. EPEL handle this with EPEL-next[1]. Not sure if CentOS SIGs will differentiate between “stable” and “next”.


The idea that is proposed in that link is that when the CBS has RHEL buildroots, SIGs would just rebuild their packages against it, so they are available for non-stream enterprise linux, whether it’s RHEL, Rocky, or others. Right now their CBS koji has differing tags between non-stream and stream already. If and when the RHEL buildroots are made available, the non-stream tags would just hook into that rather than CentOS stream.

Hi, I’m trying to install a SIG openstack repository and it is failing

yum install centos-release-openstack-victoria

Last metadata expiration check: 2:28:20 ago on Tue 21 Sep 2021 07:08:22 AM CEST.
Problem: conflicting requests

  • nothing provides centos-release-rabbitmq-38 needed by centos-release-openstack-victoria-1-2.el8.noarch

Do you know where I can find the centos-release-rabbitmq-38 repo, it’is not reachable in my rocky server

The right way is to report the issue in Rocky’s bugzilla.

The dirty way is to manually define the necessary CentOS SIG repositories.

Thank a lot, I investigate how claim for that in the Rocky’s bugzilla, is new for me …

The missing packages should be added to extras. It will take some time for the mirrors to sync. Reference bug.

Thank, you are the best !!!