Will there be Rocky Storage SIG repository

Currnetly we are using Glusterfs on Centos Servers which is being installed through CentOS Storage SIG repository Under Rocky these Centos SIG are available.

[root@rocky ~]# yum search gluster
Last metadata expiration check: 0:06:25 ago on Wed 17 Nov 2021 10:27:30 PM +04.
=========================================================== Name & Summary Matched: gluster ==============================
centos-release-gluster6.noarch : Gluster 6 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster7.noarch : Gluster 7 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster8.noarch : Gluster 8 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster9.noarch : Gluster 9 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository

Will these SIG repos be available once Centos 8 reach EOL ? or Rocky Linux team have plan for their own similar SIG repos

There is a possibility to have storage SIGs within Rocky. We have to have our build system out first before we start getting there. But with that being said, there was a request upstream to have rhel build roots to allow SIGs to still build against a stable release rather than stream. I’m not sure where that has gone or what will come of it. In the event that they allow that, these types of release packages and SIGs from CentOS will still be valid and work on Rocky.

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It looks like Centos 8 Storage SIG Gluster repositories are not available more.

[root@rocky ~]# yum --disablerepo="*" --enablerepo=“centos-gluster9” list available
CentOS-8 - Gluster 9
Error: Failed to download metadata for repo ‘centos-gluster9’: Cannot prepare internal mirrorlist: No URLs in mirrorlist
[root@rocky ~]#

Your repo definition queries CentOS server for mirrors. What is the path in that repo? (Does it have commented ´baseurl`?)

My nearest CentOS repo has in centos.org/8.5.2111 dir:


(And there is no gluster under storage.)

Some CentOS SIGs probably started to build “for RHEL 8”, when they before did “for CentOS 8”. All did not.

Hello, for me the same, the default rpm package centos-release-gluster configure baseurl and mirrorlist like this:

 name=CentOS-$releasever - Gluster 9

you have to change it to vault centos


but there are no new updates. So back to original question, will be there Rocky Storage SIG repository?

GlusterFS hasn’t been reclaimed to stay in CentOS Storage SIG and it has no more builds in the Gluster repo for el8 yet :

Could the no EOL versions of GlusterFS, 9 and 10 actually, could be part of a Rocky SIG, as it is only one src.rpm to build ?

I have just rebuild the GlusterFS 10 stack here for my own needs :

Have you tried using the CentOS Stream 8 gluster sig? CentOS Mirror

It should be, theoretically, working on EL8.

I know the CentOS Storage SIG could use some hands, so if you have experience building, maybe you could join and help get the packages built on RHEL 8 build roots? I’m happy to help make connections if you need!

On the rocky side, we can rebuild this as a sig but there’s some benefit in not duplicating efforts already being done by the wider community e.g.

Hi Neil,

I first faced some issues with CentOS Stream 8 Virt SIG packages.

I also have to deal on a regularly basis with libraries sonames bumped or versions packages updated when I build the same package for EPEL 8 and CentOS Stream 8 in my COPR repositories.

So, using CentOS Stream 8 SIG repos is not in my options, as it is updated more often than previous RHEL was.

And yes, maybe I could join and help get the packages built on RHEL 8 build roots. But it would be usefull to know what can be the plans for GlusterFS, as it has already been removed.

Hi, I rebuilt for EL9 also.