GlusterFS repos location

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do we have the GlsuterFS Server rpms somewhere ?

On Rocky 8, you need one of the following repositories to install:

[root@rocky ~]# dnf search sig | grep -i gluster
Last metadata expiration check: 14:41:48 ago on Sun 17 Jul 2022 18:50:30 CEST.
centos-release-gluster6.noarch : Gluster 6 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster7.noarch : Gluster 7 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster8.noarch : Gluster 8 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository
centos-release-gluster9.noarch : Gluster 9 packages from the CentOS Storage SIG repository

for example:

dnf install centos-release-gluster9

and then search for your glusterfs packages and install as appropriate.

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Thanks alot.
Any plans to replicate the Storage SIG? I know I can build the rpms from source , but it will be nice if we have them available right away.

We (release engineering) don’t have any direct plans to replicate/duplicate efforts of the CentOS SIG, especially with the current efforts already at CentOS SIG. They’re fairly active.

With that being said, there is an opportunity for folks to step up to request resources in our build system to do so if they wish, if there is interest to have a separate storage SIG. But I’d be wary of duplicating the efforts the folks over in the CentOS SIG area.

@nazunalika ,
As the CentOS Storage SIG is building the rpms with dependencies from Stream - the things go far more complicated.
Stream have a shorter lifecycle than Rocky and there could be the biggest issue.
Either the SIG continue building the rpms with older rpms from Stream (as it will eventually freeze some day) or they stop building rpms at all for version 8.

Some CentOS SIGs build for RHEL(s), some only for CentOS Stream(s).

I understand the concern. When EL8 was being retired, there was a notification put out to all SIG’s that if they wanted rhel build roots (to build for non-stream), that they should request it. Not everyone did and while some did, there’s some that aren’t building for non-stream EL9 or if they are producing newer versions of the software they’re building for EL8, some are not being built in the rhel buildroots. Whether this is an oversight or an agreed upon decision, it’s not clear to me and to be honest, I have not looked in a while to see if there were decisions made in between since then. Last time I looked, it has been a mixed bag. See this for example. The latest glusterfs is not being built for non-rhel unfortunately.

I believe it should still possible to ask the SIG if they’d be willing to also build for non-stream EL’s, whether it be 8, 9, or so on. It wouldn’t hurt to ask. I don’t know how up to date this page is, but I’d imagine their IRC and mail list could be of help.

It would be more beneficial at the end of the day to ask if the SIG maintainers are willing to continue building for non-stream. And I personally feel that if the SIG in CentOS does not want to build for non-stream, then a SIG can be created here to take over that sort of effort. But it will require dedicated folks to keep up on it to keep it alive, active, maintained. This is something that my team personally cannot handle as we already take care of the base distribution (and that’s a huge amount of effort as it is).

I’ll check if I can get more info from the SIG maintainers.

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I’ve been told that the CentOS infra will be destroyed immediately after the EOL of the Stream version .
It seems that I will have to compile the rpms myself.

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