What will happen to SIG repository (CentOS-8 - NFV OpenvSwitch) at Centos 8 EOL?

What will happen to repository CentOS-8 - NFV OpenvSwitch (added by package centos-release-nfv-openvswitch.noarch) at Centos 8 EOL?

What are the chances for new version of the software in that repository (new LTS version is planned for August 2022)?

It highly depends on what upstream does. It was requested upstream for RHEL buildroots to the CBS, which tells me it is likely the sigs will stick around. Please see this for more info.

Thank you for information.

Do I understand corretly, that these repositories are mirrored in Rocky infrastructure? So, at least availability of packages from these repositories is not at mercy of Centos project?

No. If/when CentOS SIG repository discontinues, its mirrors will clear up too. Having a mirror would not improve availability.

What Rocky now has in its extras repo are the definitions for CentOS SIG repositories so that they are easy to get and enable without CentOS Linux 8’s extras repo.

If things go well, CentOS SIGs start to build their repos for RHEL 8. Those packages will be usable in RHEL 8, Rocky, Alma, and CentOS Linux 8 (as long as it exists).