Mesa bug in Rocky 8 & 9


We have hit a bug in the Mesa version that is shipped with both Rocky 8 & 9. The fix is already on the main branch of the upstream mesa version but only released in mesa 24.1.x.

I was trying to find if there was a process for incorporating the patch into Rocky but I couldn’t quite see how that would be done. Is this something that should be submitted to the CentOS stream repositories and would then filter down to Rocky?

I’m happy to submit the patch if someone could provide me with some guidelines?

Many thanks!

CentOS Stream 9 currently has mesa 24.1.0 built. So it’s likely it has this fix. This will come to us in 9.5. If you report the bug to Red Hat, they may be willing to add this fix to the current mesa version of 9.4, you just have to show what the bug actually affects.

As for 8, 8.10 is the final release of 8, and will likely not see rebases of packages. If Red Hat is willing to accept the fix, then we will receive it eventually and push it out.

With all of this said, we unfortunately don’t accept patches like this. You will need to report this issue to, as it is affects RHEL 8.10 and 9.4, so they may be willing to patch both and send it out to their users and it will eventually come to us. Ultimately this is their call.

If they do not accept using this patch, SIG/FastTrack may be willing to accept this patch and build a mesa package.

Thanks for the quick and detailed response.

We’ll see if we have any luck with submitting the issue to Red Hat and failing that try the SIG/FastTrack route you suggested. Thanks again!

It would be good to post a link to the bug report (when it’s ready), in case it affects other Rocky users.

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Red Hat bug report now up.

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