Making a USB Boot disk

Hi - first up - dark green and grey on a black background?

Second - I have downloaded the Rocky 9 minimal iso and am trying to make a usb boot disk. All the recommended methods seem to assume I am using Windows or Fedora - I am using Kununtu. I’ve tried using dd to write to the disk but it errors when booting.

Is there a way to make a Rocky Linux USB boot disk using Kubuntu Linux?



Have you tried etcher?

Regards Tom.

Try a different usb stick, some are flaky as I’ve found.

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dd should work perfectly on just about any distro
make sure the block size is apropriate for building the iso

if = input file, the path of your .iso
of = output file, the path of your USB stick
status = to display information as the bootable iso is being generated
bs = block size. You can choose a larger block size but 1M is your safest option (also slowest)

assuming your usb is /dev/sdd, the full command would be:

sudo dd if=/home/user/Downloads/rockylinux.iso of=/dev/sdd bs=1M status=progress

Another method is using balena Etcher, like someone suggested before. But dd should work in most scenarios. Just make sure you are choosing the right device for the output fille, you can use sudo lsblk to check which device corresponds to the usb that has been plugged in.

Hope it helps!

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Hi all - seems the usb disk is faulty. It had a working Kubuntu iso on it and that was working fine, but must have developed an error.

Spent hours updating windows only to find I didn’t need to :frowning:

As to first question/comment: dark green and grey on a black background?
It’s accommodating for color blindness and mercifully easy on the eyes. Excellent environment for extended research.
Echo tjdoyle. I recently started using Etcher instead of Rufus for burning bootable Linux images in a Windows environment, and made it our new go-to. Sleek and fast.

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