Create bootable Windows 10 USB key from within Rocky Linux


This is probably slightly off-topic, but here goes. I have a PC running Rocky Linux. Now I need to create a Windows 10 installation on a sandbox PC for testing purposes. So I downloaded the installation ISO from It weighs about 5.5 GB. How can I create a bootable USB key from this ISO, preferably using simple command line tools (gdisk, mount, mkfs, etc.)? There’s lots of information about this on the Internet, but what I’ve found until now doesn’t work.

Any suggestions?

dd if=name_of_ISO of=/dev/sdx where /dev/sdx is the USB-device.
List block devices with lsblk and/or blkid.

That is what I would try first. Just be careful not to overwrite something else than the right USB.

This would be too good to be true, but unfortunately it doesn’t work here.

Once I bought a Windows USB. On my machine it did refuse to boot in EFI mode. Noticed only by lucky accident that its installer had booted in legacy mode. Back then I had an USB that was booting CentOS 7 in both legacy and EFI modes. The difference was in case of names in the EFI paths. Noting that I somehow created a bootable USB, where I had copied files from the dysfunctional MS USB, but with fixed bootloader’s case.

I wonder is you have an USB that does boot, you mount the Windows ISO, and copy files over … could that do the trick? This is just a guess and there must be better methods out there.

GitHub - WoeUSB/WoeUSB: A Microsoft Windows® USB installation media preparer for GNU+Linux - This might be of use. I’ve not tested this, but this seems like it may help.

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I’ve tried several approaches. The classical dd method doesn’t work. Neither does WoeUSB.

On the other hand, Ventoy works perfectly.


Tested. It works as expected.

+1 for Ventoy.
Just download, extract and double click the executable. No need to install.

Also there is Etcher by balena.
Just download, make sure it is executable and run. (I tested it on Rocky Linux 8.4).

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Nice to know about Ventoy. I would have map[ed the iso to the DVD in the virutal machine and installed from there.