Installing Rocky 9.X on Cisco UCS C2200 M2 - WITHOUT USB Support

Here is my question… For some reason the full DVD ISO is over 10GB THUS you cannot burn this to a DVD. SO I have a server that I am trying to replace my CENTOS 7 install with Rocky 9. This will not be an in place upgrade since I waited too long and cannot get the updates to complete. I have did full backups of my VMs (I run KVM) and their drive spaces, as well as the Plex Server Library and preference.xml.

My concern is I cannot boot from a DVD, (maybe the BOOT ISO) but there is no instructions that I can find for that. I am unsure of if there can be done via a network move since for some reason I cannot access my CIMC (or CMOS) for this server… I wish I knew why. So I am limited to a DVD boot I fear. I was thinking of burning a boot ISO creating a DVD, but again I cannot find instructions, or insight for this type of install anywhere. The ones I do find do not have any detail to them after downloading the ISO and once you boot and get the loader screen… you know the key part I need is missing.

I understand technology drive us, hell I have been working in IT for over 30 years and with linux since 1998… The instructions I see are for the newer hardware… limited to no instructions for the old school devices.

Any direction to instructions for the BOOT ISO, or how to boot from the FULL DVD ISO (since I cannot burn a CD) would be great!

Tom Wilson
Spring, TX

You can put the ISO on a USB stick and boot from that. There are posts about that already here on the forum. For example:

Thank you for your response… but please re-read my topic title. USB BOOT is NOT an option. So again, I am asking for how to get the ISO setup on a DVD (which I can boot from). Would I need the BOOT ISO or MINIMAL ISO (I want more features than the minimal provides). I cannot burn a 10GB file (full ISO) to a DVD, and since I cannot get CIMC or CMOS to come up prior to boot, I don’t think network boot will work either.

I need to find a way to install WITHOUT USB BOOT.

I would download the boot iso for a network install. There are generic install instructions accessed under the help menu heading by selecting Documentation there and then on the next page the triple bar in the upper left corner brings down another menu, select Guides and then there will be listed an installation guide.
Setting up a VM on another machine to practice the install might be helpful too.

Yes. The old DVD boot needs to be renamed to something else as it no longer fits on a DVD. This question has come up often enough.

What @jbkt23 suggested should work for you.

I will try the BOOT ISO. I just burned it to DVD last night so this weekend I will try it. I know those have worked in the past, but wasn’t sure. Even Cisco cannot provide insight as to why the local CIMIC CMOS is not working. If I could get that back that would be so very helpful! Thanks again!

If you want to use optical, you could burn the full version to blu-ray BD-RE.