Bootable USB Software Advice

Hello everyone,

I decided to go back on Win10 and use Rocky with a virtual machine. So, do you have an advice for USB booter software that work on Rocky like Rufus ?

Thanks in advance

Hello @egemenkarakys

check those links


but would you like to say what the issue you have that make you go back to windows

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

The best I have found so far is Ventoy. Once you have used Ventoy to partition & Format the USB stick, all you need to do is copy the iso files you want to boot from to the Ventoy partition. You can copy as many iso’s as the stick has room for. When you boot, it gives you a list of the isos & you just select the one you want to boot from. It works with Windoze & Linux isos, as well as others, on UEFI or BIOS systems.

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