How to create rocky linux live USB

Dear All,

I am looking for live USB option for rocky Linux. If any one knows about it then please share it with me.

I am aware about process related to create bootable USB stick, but i want to run it over usb. So i need live CD type iso image or method to boot and run Rocky linux from USB Stick.


Hi, the method will depend on the operating system you will use to create the USB.
Are you using Windows, Mac, Linux, etc?

It is recommended to use the fedora media writer with live images. You can sort of use rufus, but you must use dd mode.

I think shalom is looking for the Live iso’s here (or at a local mirror):

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A live iso is wonderful for testing new hardware like laptops and whatnot without changing anything at the store display…

Thanks @christopher.schanzle for helping me.
I am looking for the same solution as suggested by you.