Install of Rocky 9.3 DNF error

I am trying to install Rocky Linux 9.3 and I am getting a DNF error each time. I pull down an ISO file and create a boot USB. I have tried setting up a workstation to minimal install. The latest error is DNF error: Error unpacking rpm package coreutils-8.32-34.el9.x86_64.

I just seem to get an error each time I try to install Rocky 9.3 on top of a Dell Windows laptop.

Can someone help?

How did you create the boot USB? What program did you use? Rufus? In ISO mode or dd mode? Rufus is known to be problematic, and if writing ISO to usb stick, it must be done in dd mode.

I created the bootable USB using Etcher. The install starts but when it starts downloading the rpms using the closest mirror for the install I get the error.

There are three images: 0.9G “boot”, 1.6G “minimal”, and 9.8G “dvd”.
The boot indeed merely boots the installer and has to download every package from mirrors.
The minimal contains enough packages for “Minimal” package selection.
The dvd has about everything.

The network may have issues even when the image in USB is good.
Can you test (install without network) with the minimal image?

Yes, I will try to test when I am back home.

Similar problem here. I made a bootable usb in rufus (formated ntfs) with the dvd image. The installer came up just fine the first time. I came back to it dead (I had left the laptop unplugged after travel.) Now I get through the bootloader screen, select install and the installer never comes back. I tried redoing the stick in dd mode, but no difference. My several Ubuntu sticks have no problem booting up and installing. Whats with this one?

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