Where to Hire A Rocky/Centos Developer?

I am looking to hire a Rocky/Centos systems administrator/developer to do non-code related modifications to Centos 7. Where can I go to find someone to hire?

My personal email: gregzartman@gmail.com

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Couple of ideas / where I’d look ( if you don’t get any emails );

You could try rentacoder. I know someone working in a management role with very little technical knowledge who used it to get web development done years ago and had a good experience.

Other than that I’d look at any areas you need fixing and look into their project / github sites, look at contributors lists and maybe post an “issue” with a willing-to-pay note or follow links to their home pages - they may have for-hire notices.

First of all, “developer” and “systems administrator” are two completely different roles. The reason I’m saying this is that no self-respecting sysadmin would apply for a job where the title is “developer/sysadmin” because the title already reflects that the person doing the hiring does not fully understand what the responsibilities of the role will entail.

Secondly, to answer your actual question, I would recommend LinkedIn. You could also try a text post on Hacker News. Or, why not right here on this forum? People will reply anywhere, as long as you write a good ad:

  • Be very clear about the responsibilities of the role, the work hours and your remote policy.
  • Be very clear on what requirements you have (could be geographical location, citizenship, etc)
  • Be very clear about compensation. Hiding your acceptable range is no longer a thing and competent people will not apply. Is the employer a legal entity, and if so where.
  • Interview is one thing but think about how to technically interview the candidate. If you yourself don’t know these things (quite probable) you need to take in an external party to review the actual technical competence of the person you’re hiring – do not trust certificates, diplomas etc. on their own

I could administrate it, but I couldn’t develop it.

I’d be interested to know what kind of modifications. Centos 7 is pretty much obsolete, and if you modify it, the official security patches might not work anymore.

It could be that OP was referring administrator and developer, meaning his looking for both positions but when making the actual posting he’d make the two separate postings:+1: