Want to help? Here's what we're looking for!

A lot of folks are asking how they can contribute to Rocky Linux. We are very close to being unblocked on actual development efforts (that’s been pending the deployment of our build infrastructure), and so we’re just about to the point where we’ll be getting our hands dirty with engineering. Here are some of the immediate tasks we have coming up, along with some information about the kind of experience and knowledge required:

Debranding audits
Go through a very large(!) list of packages, and come up with de-branding patches (Swapping out CentOS/RHEL logos or content with Rocky)

Git, patch/diff, and command-line proficiency. Familiarity with source code layout for certain tricky packages, and willingness to come up with proper patches. May have to learn how to use some custom Rocky source code import/export tools that are being written.

Package maintenance/testing
We’ll need maintainers for different sets of packages and testers to make sure builds are working properly

RPM user tools (rpmbuild/mock), Koji web interface familiarity, understanding of RPM package build process, and willingness to maintain Rocky test systems to install+test package functionality. Ability to dig through logs and debug RPM builds will be particularly helpful here. Knowledge of the new “modular” packages in Fedora/RHEL and how they work is also helpful.

We need to keep track of all kinds of things. Pain points, how-to guides, and lists of current issues with packages/programs.

Clear communication skills, good well-rounded Linux technical knowledge. Ability to break problems into logical steps and write about them. Willingness to work with other volunteers and learn about “how things work” so you can convey it clearly to a wider audience.

End-product testing
We need an army of people to install a wide variety of our packages on Rocky test systems, especially in the early days.

Sysadmin skills, combined with experience in wide variety of packages/software. Willingness to maintain test installs on different virtual infrastructure and hardware. Willingness to point their systems to alternate/preview repositories and make detailed bug reports when things break. Experience with yum/dnf/rpm is obviously helpful, but so is detailed experience with the packaged software itself. Debugging an Apache package issue may be very different from debugging a Python one, for example.

General Skills Needed:
Familiarity with Fedora package build guidelines, and how to spot defective packages
Knowledge of RPM build process: the Mock build tool (and Koji build system) especially. This can be practiced by building CentOS 8 SRPMs before we have our whole infrastructure up
Ability to use the above-mentioned knowledge to troubleshoot RPM builds/installs. They will show up - some will be difficult to fix. We will need insight and experience to fix the failures.

For an overview of what the build infrastructure and interaction will look like from a user perspective, have a look at this quick sketch:


I would gladly do some end-product testing - have 8 years of experience as admin and over 15 years in development. I have variety of hardware, both server and clients, old and new available and I work with different virtualization techniques - including Docker.

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Sign me up for End-Product testing.

I have lots of experience with CentOS/RHEL (RHCE on 6.x) and build my own RPMs and Repos.


Same here, End-Product testing.

I would like to give a hand on testing part. I have been sysadmin and I am nowadays doing testing of CentOS based products with shell and python.

End-product testing ===> I can help if it is necessary.

End-product testing
sign me up
will report bugs/non-debranded packages if i see them

Where and how do I sign up?

End-product testing, especially in VMware vSphere environments if necessary.

I want to help. Could you please sign me up for End-Product testing. I am regular user of Fedora and used different versions of Fedora as my desktop OS . Please let me know how do I sign up.

Would love to help end-testing. I build servers often, so my focuss will be shoehorning Rocky into my foreman katello setup, and then repeatedly building/deploying/patching servers (both VM and metal).

Looking forward to info pertaining to how to actually sign up for this

Happy to help with end product testing. 25 year UNIX admin at a very large university where I manage Linux on everything from desktops to VERY large HPC compute clusters. We’re on C7/SL7 until EOL in 2024, so have a vested interest in getting things going. I’ll be able to test deploy on lots of different small machines as well as on very large ones.

[EDIT] ALso happy to help out with documentation.

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I can help with end product testing. I’ve experince with Centos/RedHat 6,7,8
I will be great pleasure to test Rocky :slight_smile:

Also here to help with packages and documentation :slight_smile:


A little late to the dance, but sign me up.

Documentation: excellent language skills in both English and français (French).

End product testing and some debugging: avid headless CentOS (6-7-8) server user; familiar with many other Linux distros; advanced command line user; some experience building my own packages; was proficient in VBA - not so relevant in this context, but I am familiar with the fundamentals of programming and can read code and find errors.


I’ve filled out the participation form. My skills match most sections for experience required listed above, even though I did not checkmark each of those teams on the form.

I’m here and in Mattermost. Please do not hesitate to reach out if any of the skills I listed would be of use in any way. Until then I will continue to comment in the forums providing best practices where I can and viewpoints elsewhere. :wink:

Looking forward to being of use to the project.

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I’d like to help with End Product Testing also. I’m a DevOps lead and have built/tested many RPMs on production machines. I’m very excited about Rocky Linux!

Hi there, Linux sysadmin here, willing to help the development of Rocky Linux.
I enrolled via the form on the wiki for:

  • documentation (first PR done, more to come)
  • testing
  • packaging (I already maintain a small set of packages (RPM) for the openSUSE project)

15 years network and systems administrator, have built, and managed three production koji instances. Written and maintained several specfiles. Proficient with puppet, ansible, python, BaSH, and terraform.