I want to help with Rocky Linux development, how?

Hello everyone!

I just heard about this project, I’m a long time RedHat user, my first version of RH was 4.9 (Mustang).
Remember installing it after some struggle with Slackware back in 1997. I’ve been hard advocate for Linux since then, and especially the CentOS for production servers.

I think the most important features of CentOS was stability and ease of use. Yeah, the major (and minor) versions came out slower than I would wanted, but both stability and maintenance was always superb.

I see this as an opportunity to create a new RPM based Linux distribution, that would provide both the stability required for enterprise deployment and updates for greater security and new technology releases.

I think the key is rapid minor versioning and long-time support for previous minor and major releases.

What can I do to help?
I have software development and web skills, and also experience in building RPM packages and specs. I’m also willing to contribute infrastructure and hosting Rocky Linux stuff.

What would be the top priorities right now? How can I help?

Please become a Fedora Packager and help us to do reviews and include new packages. There is always a lack of reviewer :wink:

Fedora RPM packages could go to EPEL and would be available for Rocky Linux as well (like they are for CentOS).

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Most of the action (around everything) is happening in Slack right now. The #rocky-devel channel is where that work will be coalescing.

The infrastructure is still under construction, but a Google Groups mailing list is also now available. You can subscribe by sending an email to rocky-devel+subscribe@rockylinux.org.


Can’t seem to find the #rocky-devel channel :frowning:

Hey! In Slack you’ll have to click ‘+ Add channels’ on left-hand sidebar under the ‘Channels’. If that doesn’t work for you, please let me know your Slack name here or DM me (jorp on Slack) and I’ll add you.

Ah, got it thanks! Slack is so counter intuitive for me! I have also completed the form, and can’t wait to get my hands dirty!

@fab I am a fedora packager, can I help?

Please see this thread for more discussion.