In support of Rocky after Red Hat's recent announcement

Hello everyone,

I would like to start by expressing my appreciation for the amazing work that has been done by this community. I have dozens of machines deployed with Rocky Linux and rely on it almost daily.

I understand that the recent decision by Red Hat is a huge betrayal to the community, and I want to share some ideas that might be useful for someone who knows.

The distro as it is, is incredibly reliable and dependable, and not just because of the packages that are based on the RHEL stuff. Let’s not forget that it was the community that made the Linux ecosystem what it is today, and the community is more than capable of creating something amazing. So perhaps it is time to abandon the whole “1:1 RHEL compatible” paradigm and make the distro its own thing. I understand this is probably the most difficult choice to make, but I believe it might be the most sustainable for the long-term future. I would personally be willing to dedicate some of my free time to contribute to the distro.

Although Red Hat employs an army of capable developers who create amazing software, I believe the Linux community is also just as capable. We can all come together and raise our proverbial middle finger to the corporate stick figures, and the recent announcement is enough proof that Red Hat isn’t about software freedom anymore.

Just some thoughts… I will still continue to use Rocky regardless of how they choose to proceed, as the opportunity it offers us is invaluable and a testament to the importance of software freedom.


I agree with you, I have some recommendations:

  • start an rocky linux community repo similar to EPEL

  • start building an kubernetes repo ready to work in rocky linux, cloud people will use rocky because of that.

  • start an rocky stream and build from centos stream