Up/Down Stream-like : Go or not that way?


I don’t know much about how the community, as a whole, thinks about upstream/downstream… But this took me over to think : those are great things and features aparting from Enterprise Linux environments. So, I may ask : should we orientate our aims totally to be this up/down stream a shot, or can we follow a way in which we have independent roles from this (maybe estabilish a new way to think about this kind of rolling out style, since RH, for what I know was the one who launched the nets on the sea with that sort of features), and then allow some bit of up/down stream flavor.

This is going to be downstream as CentOS, maintaining different streams or different package apart from the RHEL stream will be problematic for the end-users who want to migrate, as GMK said, it would be 1:1 copy, we can think of changing things after people have migrated (2022 on-wards maybe)

Rocky Linux plans to be what CentOS is (was?).

An exact byte per byte (without branding) and bug by bug release from RHEL. That means it’s a downstream from the exact version Red Hat publishes, without anything added or removed. The idea is to have full compatibility or swap in. It’s Red Hat Enterprise Linux without the trademark and branding. The second it adds or removes something which is not by default on Red Hat, then it’s not really a clone anymore but a fork.

I don’t think anyone argues this, so expect no changes. If Red Hat adds or removes something undesired in the future, it will be so on Rocky Linux as well.