Will there be RockyLinux Stream?

Hi all,

I like CentOS stream concept but I don’t want to get dropped again as CentOS Linux did. Will there be Rocky Linux Stream in future ? Stream life cycle looks better for Workstation/Desktop useage for me.


Rocky did spawn to pursue the goal that CentOS Linux had; for those who cannot use CentOS Stream. Stream is … something different.

The CentOS Stream packages are built by RHEL engineers; Stream is integrated into RHEL development.

Are the sources of Stream publicly available?
Red Hat decided to invest in Stream; does that sound like they will drop it soon?
If Red Hat does drop Stream, then there certainly will be no sources for others to rebuild from.


Looks like Fermilab/CERN decided they migrate to CentOS Stream:


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I’m not sure why they’d want to do this; they’ll be out-of-sync with RHEL, but won’t have the advantages of an upstream distro with the latest kernel.

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