Please include KDE in Rocky!

I may self really dislike Gnome. RHEL 8/CentOS 8 is leaking of KDE. We use the “KDE Plasma Workspaces” form EPEL. Works well.

Since CentOS8 will die, the existence of EPEL-Packages will become uncertain. It would be nice to see an “official” choose of the DE in Rocky.

Please include the “KDE Plasma Workspaces” equal to Gnome in Rocky. Like in Fedora.


I think this brings up another possible issue. What will the future hold for EPEL. It might be a bit ambitious to take it on right away, but should the packages currently available via EPEL be moved to a sub-section of Rocky?


assumption: rocky linux will be a server distro. Then pragmaticly thinking, why add a DE (any DE)?


as far as I understand, Rocky-Linux will be bug-to-but with RHEL, so far, whatever packages in RHEL will be in Rocky-Linux if that helps… I assume other contributors may build their own RPMS and create external repos same as any other distro.

Just to be clear: my remark was just to shake things up and getting things clear. Obviously leaving out DE’s is not within the boundaries of the Rocky-Linux goals.


Rocky-Linux will be bug-to-but with RHEL
So lest stick to What is there
However if we do go of extra Desktops let look at Cinnamon as well Please

All of this (KDE, Cinnamon, misc other stuff) goes in EPEL, not Rocky.


Why should EPEL go away? It is meant for RHEL as well as all other compatible ELs. And even if. There are other alternative repositories which are much more likely to pick it up.

But special packages/repos could be built and provided for Rocky Linux like CentOS SIG. But this is more like step z, when Rocky is at step a :wink:


But Rocky is has to be a server oriented and it was announce as a bug-for-bug compatible with RH. Besides you can install whatever DE you want. What would be the problem?

Just use KentOS

How about having an option between multiple DE?

"But Rocky is has to be a server oriented "
I… beg to differ. I do the on-site Linux tech support to the scientists at CERN and we use Centos also on desktops because need something rock solid for development, data acquisition and data simulation.

And there’s plenty of other people who use it their desktop OS. If it was only for server use, there would no DE on it in the 1st place, would it? :grin:

Since the point is to make a binary compatible bug-4-bug identical release changing the included packages in the default product is not something I would support.

I see a few viable options to try and provide the request while not “tainting” the core distribution.

  1. Simply keep using EPEL packages, at least until such a time that it appears EPEL may not be supported.
  2. If EPEL packages won’t be maintained then either:
  • Take over EPEL packaging in a new add-on repository for Rocky
  • Take over only KDE Plasma Workspaces packaging in a new add-on repository for Rocky
  1. Form a Rocky Linux SIG for KDE Plasma Workspaces (Cinnamon etc. etc.) the community members of the SIG maintain the variant(s) of the Rocky Linux Distro.

The first option is the simplest, there should be no reason this won’t continue to work as it does today. The second (and third) options I only suggest if EPEL shuts down and “we” choose to provide alternative options to obtain packages previously maintained by EPEL.
The third option can obviously be selected by community members even if EPEL continues to exist. However similar to prior suggestions I think focus on the “task at hand” makes the most sense to keep the focus on current goals before the interest(s) of new SIGs.

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I believe that Rocky Linux install process should follow that of CentOS/RHEL/etc. Anything outside of that should fall to EPEL or other RHEL compatible repositories. Adding too much beyond the RHEL base provides could result in too much overhead during the install process. Leave the DE respins for Fedora and Ubuntu (and its respins). The purpose of RHEL respins should be security and stability above all.

I have used Scientific Linux and CentOS in my professional career and never used GNOME or KDE in any of my workstations. Its usually been Cinnamon via EPEL the way it should be.

Rocky is announced as 1:1 to RHEL. If RHEL has it, so will Rocky.
Anything not in RHEL should not be in the main repos from Rocky.

Create an additonal repo for Rocky, for example “gold” (for what ever suits best) and anything additional like KDE, Cinnamon or Mate could be added from there. Depending on the use on ones system, users can use or ignore such an additional repo.

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