Rocky Linux as daily driver

Hi folks,
I just installed Rocky Linux. I have used many distros but these were not stable. but now that i look at the forum and all the documentation i wonder if i’m on the right track.

Can use rocky linux as my default desktop for study? or is it mainly suitable for servers?

Yes (for some definition of “for study”).

We’ve had CentOS workstations for a decade or so. There might not be all bells and whistles, but IMHO, there is enough.

I use CentOS 7, and now Rocky 8, as my daily basis for my default desktop since the end of 2014.
I am also used to managing some COPR projects, to add or update what is missing for my personal needs.

I used to run CentOS as a desktop for a long time before going to Fedora (around CentOS 7’s release). It’s usable and there are plenty of folks out there that do.

If there are special things you want, there is always flatpaks and stuff from epel and rpmfusion that can help you along the way.

I had been using Fedora workstation for years, and then the upgrade from Fedora 33 to 34 bricked the OS.
I wanted something more stable and long term supported and switched to Rocky Linux.
I am very happy with it as a desktop / workstation.
Much thanks and kudos to the developers of RL!

I don’t know I have never used any other version of Linux except RedHat, CentOS and Rocky.