Info about Rocky linux

I am new here.

I am curious about Rocky Linux. Is it only intended for servers or also can be used as desktop version ( personal laptops etc)

Does it matter which laptop is , drivers, graphics ?

Also I didnt used Centos before, so completely new user xD


Hello @Marko94 welcome to Rocky Linux!

Yes you could use Rocky Linux on your desktop or laptop as a daily driver with some Deskop Environment installed (like Gnome, Xfce). But you might not be able to get the latest packages released in other mainstream distros to be available immediately in Rocky Linux since it acts as a downstream release of upstream vendor (RedHat Linux). So the new releases in Rocky Linux happens only after the upstream vendor has added those packages and released.

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I tried to make Rocky linux installation.

Downloaded minimum build, checked sha256, all good. Made bootable usb via Rufus (uefi system).
Got first screen to boot and install Rocky , but after this I got black screen only . Nothing responding …what to do ?

What hardware do you have? Did you tried to install on virtual machine or bare metal?

Are you trying to install it in a Virtual Machine or desktop/laptop ?
I installed the OS in a Virtualbox with GUI and it works fine.

HP laptop, I tried to install on my laptop directly, UEFI .

HP Envy x360 13-ar0022nn AMD Ryzen 5 3500U ,with 8 /gb RAM.