Social Media Outlet and adding some Fedora features

Hello, this is Markus McLaughlin…I been a lifelong Fedora power user for years. I dual boot with Windows 10 because iTunes is made for it. I was toying with the idea of using CentOS 8, but, when I found out it would be discontinued. I backed off on the idea. I don’t have a production server, I write web site code, and write with LibreOffice; use GIMP, as well as use multimedia software, AND enjoy QUAKE 1 from 1996!

My biggest GRIPE with both Fedora and RHEL is LACK of some kind of online manual, a WIKI based one would be very ideal for novices and Power Users like myself; I am still learning the ins and outs of linux. I am very comfortable with GNOME and RPM…

I wish to help create a Social Media Outlet for Rocky; find ways to attract more users, as well as developers to ROCKY. Rocky should be in the top 5 linux OSs according to!!!

Improve on CentOS 8 tech and adding some features from Fedora 33 like an animated background in GNOME would go a long way…

CHEERS and Happy Christmas! :smiley:

- Markus McLaughlin,, Boston, MA

Hello @MarkusMc72! Welcome to the forums!

I’ve never met a non-commercial Linux distribution with what I’d call amazing online documentation, and I don’t mean that in a judgmental way! FOSS projects are always a little under-resourced at least some of the time.

I’d love to see what can be done to improve the world of EL documentation. In my own humble opinion the Red Hat Access site has the best maintained and updated documentation of any distribution I’ve ever used. Since Rocky Linux will be a derivative build with the same compatibility goals of CentOS, I think a lot of that documentation will be portable, but of course, it’s not the most accessible.

Most of the coordinated documentation with which I’m familiar has more to do with using a distribution in it’s base form (how to set it up, how to secure it, etc). Do you mean you’d like to see more documentation around what you can do with an installation?

As for what is happening right now and things pertaining to social media –

For Rocky Linux there is a wiki under development right now at

If you’d like to be involved in creating new content or platforms around Rocky Linux, you’ll probably benefit by talking to the Community team, lead by @jorp. You can reach out by email to or join in the #rocky-community channel on Slack.