Welcome Screen, A "User Manual" of Sorts, and Fedora 33-like features added

I was thinking, in the WELCOME SCREEN, there should be a set up checklist, and a search box
for questions not answered in the “manual.” It should be linked to : https://wiki.rockylinux.org/

I would love to see how I could write up a “manual” of some type. I still have CentOS questions
that I haven’t gotten answers to yet. Like upgrading to the latest kernel.

There is another CentOS fork announced, so ROCKY needs to be different!

ROCKY, I feel, should have some Fedora 33 like features added, like an ANIMATED background in GNOME, and a KDE spin.

If you can link me to info I will need to create answers provided for questions that will need to addressed, I appreciate it a lot. Can I join the ROCKY Account? Fedora has a process of signing
up to the project, to be a part of it…

I also need to know what I can do with Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram…What can be done with them. Any suggestions are appreciated.

I work with some web site code, so if there is anything basic I can work on in regards to a “Manual” and creating a web page in regards of the Manual and/or Social Media… Please let me know!

I am EXCITED to add something to ROCKY, which I HOPE will be in the top 5 on distrowatch!

I will create something, wallpaper wise, in the next few weeks. Fedora has wallpaper, so MUST ROCKY!

I just need the ROCKY LOGO to work with!

I want ROCKY to be a good companion to Fedora (33 and beyond!!!)

Let’s make 2021 the YEAR of Rocky Linux!

Happy Holidays!

Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA

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Err, isn’t RHEL + Fedora-like features called CentOS Stream? AIUI Rocky aims to be like CentOS was, a rock solid rebuild of RHEL. If you want to add Fedora features they come from EPEL.


Manuals are important part of the distribution - this might be great point for Rocky Linux … as long as we will be able to build such reputation as Archwiki. This is nice long term goal. But first we need a distribution.

Then there will be place for manuals, maybe community training and so on. But first things first.

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We need to have users be able to implement Fedora-like features through the EPEL then…

It shouldn’t be a difficult process…

Markus McLaughlin

These “fedora-like” features will also likely be treated as part of the inevitable SIGs that will be established. We do not have to do anything through EPEL as it is a separate, also community-supported project, that comes under the Fedora banner and is unaffected by the recent announcement (as I understand, feel free to correct me).

For now I think the best solution is to stay laser-focused on the primary goal: build a community-supported, RHEL-compatible, Enterprise OS on x86_64.

Everything else will come in various stages afterwards. Some earlier, like Power and Arm64 support, some later.

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The ability to use EPEL comes from RHEL itself, not from CentOS specifically… This will already be in the distro when it launches.

Also, a manual is something we’re already slowly piecing together over on wiki.rockylinux.org.