Suggestion for releasing and testing

Hello everyone

in my humble opinion it would be nice to have a post from the team so they give feedback about any issue they facing or if they want a help in certain area and this could be a pined post here and also share link to that post on all your social media sites so you get help from the community

i am not rushing any thing but just want to increase the community involving into that which would increase the testing and also some would suggest other way to solve the same issue

thanks again for your good work and hope one day i could help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

I think a lot of this is being covered over in the mattermost channels. There are a load of channels relating to Documentation, Design, Testing, etc, etc. You can find it all here:

thanks @iwalker for the info
but not sure if make post here and also a mention in the social media accounts would bring more help or not

thanks again and have a nice day :slight_smile:

They already did :slight_smile:

so the same as what I wrote above to join mattermost :slight_smile:

I found that just by heading onto the faq section on the website itself for Rocky. You also have this on the website:

so there’s plenty of info to be able to find what you want :slight_smile:

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thanks again @iwalker

not sure if my humble english would help me or not but will try

matermost is good for discussion and chat and brainstorming but if i create post in this forum or create post on twitter

so in twitter say we have y issue and if you could help check this forum for more details and then join our mattermost to participate in solving it and do all those agreement stuff

same thing if i have open source code in github for example and have issue i would post in the forum or social networks so other could give a hand
so people do not have to read the whole code to know if there issue or not so i just direct them to it

not sure if that would good from marketing point of view but i look at it from community point of view

so a post that explain what those snags even if that snags cause the team is busy and has little time
not sure if i miss understand you or miss understand anything else so sorry if i did

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Most of our communication is in our matter most or Libera IRC/Matrix if that suits your fancy instead. This all happens on our development channel. In fact, we have an etherpad as we work through the issues so everyone can see what we’re dealing with in real time and provide assistance or ideas if possible.

I’ll try to summarize what we’ve ran into: the issues we’ve ran into are specifically container and architecture related. What I mean is our new build system relies on kube containers where we run the rpm build process in them (in particular, mock). Adding in s390x and ppc to the mix for kubernetes hasn’t been particularly easy. We also get random build failures from time to time. Some really are random, and some are legitimate. But regardless of what they are, we track them in an etherpad for anyone to help dive in so it’s not just my team working through it. Next steps is to finish up those builds, finish the repo compositions, and then we can produce an RC for the testing team and general public.

I can understand that it looks quiet from the outside. Not everyone is going to join MM, IRC, or Matrix to see what’s actually happening and would much prefer something face first on the website or in a blog of some sort. And that’s totally reasonable! Since we’ve been focused on getting 9 going whilst also dealing with our own daily lives outside of the project, it’s hard to consider or think about also posting on the forums saying “hey help us, anyone is welcome” - it’s the last thing to cross our minds generally since we’ve been hyper-focused as much as we can through our volunteer time to get this out for our community. I think as a team and as a project we want to come up with a better way to bridge those gaps. I’m just not sure how we want to approach it yet.

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@nazunalika i got your point and wish you and the whole team the best and hope one day i got the knowledge to help :slight_smile:

thanks again @iwalker and @nazunalika and have a nice day :slight_smile: