RockyOS Bugs? (Extra Chars To Get Around 15 Char Topic Minimum... c'mon)

Ok, guys… many of us are diehard fans who are trying to convince our corporations to stick with RockyOS in lieu of CentOS/RHEL, but there are a lot of issues coming up in new installs, and no obvious place/procedure for bug reporting.

So, I would just like to know where we should go to report bugs. The only discussion found on here which asks a similar question was answered with a “it’s already being tracked in RHEL”, and not really where we are expected to go.

Just my personal opinion, but this sort of thing should be made extremely obvious as well as extremely easy, with links and directions everywhere, if you wish this distribution to be widely accepted in the bigger world.

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Good point, I second that.

I tried responding here in a smart-ass fashion with a link to the bug tracker.
But. I couldn’t find any.

The release notes (Release 8.5 - Documentation) say:

Please report any bugs you encounter to the Rocky Linux Bug Tracker. ( … )

But they don’t provide a link. Also the docs/wikis/repos didn’t reveal anything obvious with regards to bug tracking. Is there something that skipped my attention because of being “too obvious” ?

Cheers, Thomas

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Bugs can be tracked / reported on I’ve opened an issue to add it to the website at Add link to the bug tracker · Issue #290 · rocky-linux/ · GitHub


There is a link to the bug tracker on the Downloads page currently (although it’s easy to miss), but I have been working on a re-design which will be published soon™ that re-organizes the navigation menus to make things easier to find. :blush:

Thanks for pointing this out, really appreciated!