CentOS 7 to Rocky Migration toolset

Hi Everyone, This is my very first post here. I haven’t seen it mentioned any where so i figured i ask out and see if someone is aware of this. I work for a firm that relied on RHEL and CentOS for quite sometime and we have some other distributions sprinkled here and there in our eco-system but nothing close to RHEL and CentOS proportions. We were in the process of thinking of upgrading to Cent0S 8 when this whole thing went south. We have tested CentOS8 to Rocky8.x migration but we were wondering if there was an effort underway to focus on an in place upgrade from CentOS 7.x to Rocky 8.x. I am sure there are a lot of others in the same boat and ideally would prefer a single hop(CL7-> Rocky8) for the migration instead of CL7 → CL8 → Rocky8 . Please share if you are aware of such an effort for the toolset. Thanks in Advance.


No there is no feature to upgrade from CentOS 7. You cannot even do CentOS 7 → CentOS 8 as an upgrade. For Rocky, there is only migration from CentOS 8 → Rocky 8.

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Okay. Thank you. I remember seeing somewhere an in-place upgrade of CL7 to CL8 albeit a long procedure. I will have to double check that, but i have definitely seen it mentioned though.

Maybe, but it’s not recommended from what I remember. The recommendations on the CentOS forum were to make clean install. The upgrade didn’t always works.

This is different for example RHEL7 to RHEL8 there is an upgrade procedure and it works great. But those tools don’t exist for CentOS.

So glad to hear this.
I used to upgrade CentOS 7 → CentOS 8 and it failed.
And clean installation also failed, so I moved from Fedora 3x Server to CentOS 7.

I will try to do clean installation for Rocky Linux, can you guess it will not have this kind of problem ?