Hello, Just joined and also a question on upgrade from centos8

I am new to the forum and Rocky Linux. I want to say hello to everyone here. :slight_smile:

I have had a long history with linux and got caught up with the centos8 situation like so many others. Well, I have a client still on centos8 and have looked over information on upgrading it to RL. I do have one question.

Currently, This server has a dell H700 controller card. Will this be a problem when I do the upgrade from the script? Im trying to remember if I had to preload the driver but do not remember for sure.

CentOS Linux 8 to Rocky Linux (8) is more a sidegrade than upgrade; everything should be binary compatible. I can’t tell whether the migration script handles third-party repo (ELRepo?) for the driver packages neatly.

Thank you for replying,
Perhaps the move to rocky linux will handle the kernel change (I assume there will be a change here) just like any other kernel change and that since the H700 driver is kmod it will import it also. Im assuming though - I would love clarification on this.

thanks for the awesome information.

My Dell r720xd h710 was transferred and there was no problem. php7.1 and PHP7. 4 and MYSQL and NGINX is installed on my server 。

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I’ve never used the migration script. I’ve got the impression that it replaces (remove centor-version, install rocky-version) some core packages like the repo definitions and then runs dnf distro-sync.

man dnf writes about distro-sync:

As necessary upgrades, downgrades or keeps installed packages to match the latest version available from any enabled repository.

If the driver is from ELRepo, then nothing changes – “keeps installed packages”.

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Thank you for all the replies.

I fired up a VM of RL and noticed that the desktop environment is of the gnome3. I am really not a fan of that DE. So, I found documentation on changing it to mate and also XFCE. I tried XFCE but there are some things missing on XFCE that I have not researched yet.

XFCE - I have not found how to make a shortcut to applications on the desktop. Display settings missing?

After changing to XFCE desktop I lost my clipboard for cp and paste in the VM. Not sure what that is? So, I have not installed MATE DE yet.

So, I can either remotely upgrade to RL or go onsite and totally install something else like Debian. Im not sure yet.

EDITED: Mate not installed yet.

That is good to know. I did make a driver usb for the H700 just in case I do decide to go RL instead of something else.

OK. Right click on desktop for display settings in XFCE.

You sound surprised, like you hadn’t noticed that in CentOS?

Rocky has Gnome 3, because RHEL 8 has Gnome 3. The CentOS Linux 8 that you have does have it too for exactly the same reason. CentOS 8 was and Rocky is based on RHEL 8 sources.

A third-party repository, EPEL (Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux), provides some alternative desktop environments. Those packages are/were installed the same way into RHEL, CentOS, and Rocky.

To be honest, I got used to other flavors offering other DE builds. Just thought maybe they might have done that also. Its no big deal as I installed XFCE in my VM. I have been thinking it over and have decided that I will just remote in and change things to RL and then load up the XFCE desktop. If things break - well, Ill work it out.

Thanks for the reply.