Transition from CentOS to Rocky

Hi Team,
I know is too early in the roadmap, but it would be great to have a script that converts CentOS to Rocky when we get to a release state. Thoughts?


This is on the roadmap. The gist is that the centos*release packages would need to either be updated/obsoleted or swapped with a rockylinux-release like package. Similar-ish of converting RHEL to CentOS or otherwise.


Glad to hear this will be incorporated, looking forward to the first build…Lets get Rocking!

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Just to give you an example - these commands will migrate a CentOS 8 install to a Springdale Linux 8 (from Princeton University) install (tested this on a basic VM earlier today):

dnf update -y
rpm -e --nodeps centos-backgrounds centos-indexhtml centos-gpg-keys centos-linux-release centos-linux-repos centos-logos
rpm -ivh \ \ \
dnf distro-sync -y

Rocky will probably be a very similar process.


Can’t wait to try out the first build…so exiting!


Its good to hear such a function is already on the roadmap.

I tried on a testbed a CentOS-8 to CentOS-stream migration and was astonished how easily this goes. OK, I found no working way back (Stream to regular CentOS-8). But, if the CentOS-8 to Rocky migration works is in similar way, we all would be very happy!

To be honest, I think this (planned) migration tool or script is really important in the beginning-phase. We can all setup new servers based on different distros. But it costs a lot time and money (in regards of working hours). For the success of Rocky and a broad and wide CentOS-to-Rocky migration, a good tool doing this task is important.

As the person above wrote: Cant wait for the first build!!


check out this little tool in epel made by redhat

it’s git repo is here:

with some modifications it might be very usefull



I wanted to pop in and add that there is a related conversation here: CentOS to Rocky migration tooling. :slight_smile:

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See my proposal - Configuration Management Options - one day I could upload “transition” scripts to so that user can use them …

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The future will certainly surpass CentOS

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