Migration script and CENTOS 7

I have CENTOS 7 and would like to migrate to Rocky Linux. I saw the conversion script and the instruction for it. Looks like conversion script calls for CENTOS 8 to Rocky Linux 8. Anyone know if I need to migrate to CENTOS 8 before running script to migrate to Rocky Linux?

Also I have copy of Mathworks Mathlab. Does anyone know if the migration to Rocky Linux, if done, will impact this tool?

Thank you

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Upgrades are not supported. If you wish to use Rocky Linux 8, you are recommended to backup your current system and restore it on a new Rocky Linux 8 system.

You can simple use the leapp tool.

yum/dnf install http://repo.almalinux.org/elevate/elevate-release-latest-el$(rpm --eval %rhel).noarch.rpm
yum/dnf install leapp-upgrade leapp-data-rocky
leapp preupgrade
#Answer the needed questions
leapp upgrade

Then you will be on Rocky8 and now you can do the same to get to 9.
The doc of the project.

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@mdcTUX , Thanks for speaking out to support leapp/elevate approach. Although this approach is not supported by RL. My experience of using elevate for C7toRL8 is for VMWare VM, so far so good :wink:

I have used it in virtual and bare metal environments. For bar metal you must read the warnings about unsupported hardware, because some NIC’s and raid controllers are EOL for RHEL8+9.


… and while one can get drivers for some of them from ELRepo, the migration might not do that for you.

The ‘leapp’ originates from Red Hat, for RHEL. Even there, all setups cannot be migrated. Particularly, third-party repo (content) tends to be a hurdle.

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