Migration from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8.5

Hello Team,
We are planning to migrate our systems from CentOS 7 RockyLinux 8.5 but not sure about the Security Updates and Support.

Does, it also have the same security update cycle like CentOS had, in line with RHEL released updates ?

Please let me know, as this would be the key point for migrating a lot of servers.


Yes the same like rhel support cycle


you can just head over to Rocky linux website and find out that information.
i dont think i would ever take a advice from a total stranger to migrate my own servers.
go to official websites and do your own research.

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and using your full name and face out in the internet, just like that.

i suggest you take some more security & privacy measures before or after migration.

Thanks @iwalker , I got your point…

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Thanks @2rocky1 for your suggestions…

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Hi Aditya,
first off Rocky Linux has no supported migration path from CentOS 7. That said, Alma Linux has come up with a migration tool, “elevate” which they claim can migrate from CentOS 7 to Rocky Linux 8. Please note that systems migrated with the elevate tool are not supported by Rocky Linux and there may be issues with the migration that crop up due to the unsupported migration.

In answer to your other question, Rocky Linux gets its updates directly from the public RHEL 8 sources and as such follows the RHEL 8 update cycle just like CentOS did.

Good luck,

Peter Ajamian