What's your dog's name?

My friend adopted a dog from some folks who were moving and couldn’t keep their pet. When I went over there, I saw that he was a cute little character. "What’d you name him?"

"His name is Chowny."

Haha… what ELSE would a linux programmer name a dog that had just changed owners? :wink:

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Think you will not get many answers as this is one of the most favorite Security Questions used to recover lost passwords :wink:


I wanted to name my dog Phydeaux (Fido), but the wife told me NO!

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A long time ago we were “adopted” by a cat, so she was given the name Ermintrude, as in “'er intruded into the household”. Bad pun maybe but “Trudy” stuck, even after my mother took it to the vet and we discovered that Mum was wrong, Trudy was a tom!

Deefor…D for Dog, as well as our cat Ceefor :grinning:

Long , long time ago I had a Golden Retriever called “YUM” :slight_smile: