RL on Twitter: St. Pat's day

When posting things on Twitter, like competitions, etc… Please crosspost here as well, to engage more poeple online.


In todays post you can win some RL swag:


Great idea, I’ll get an automation set up to do it.


Yeah there should be a discourse bot for it twitter feed or something.


Aah, there’s a built in func for that on the board? That would be great. :+1:


A more gen. Q about Twitter-links… Is it better to use the “Onebox” (like above), or Twitters embedded code?

There isn’t a built-in function (that I can find anyway), but I can rig something up with n8n (which is how I do some of the community feed posting in the ~community Mattermost channel). I’m debating whether making it fully automatic is actually a good idea because I don’t want to flood the forum, but I suppose I’ll set it up and see how it works out.

Probably best to do the onebox like above, not sure if the twitter embed code adds more analytics or whatever. Is seems th automatically generated discourse preview proxies the image assets which is probably best for privacy / reliability.

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thanks for bringing this up! we did have a contest friday and awarded swag to those who played along. (and I just realized we’ve met, lol). we will be sure to include the forum in future fun posts and contests. there will be one in april, so keep a lookout!

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Yes, we have. :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the April contest. :+1: