Introducing Ricky, the prototype of the Rocky Linux mascot!

Hello! I am introduced, I am an Argentine graphic design student (living in Spain), and I have the pleasure of introducing you, what would be the “prototype” of the new mascot of this project, Ricky!
To do this I based myself on Pucho, a character from the series “Hijitus” (from Argentina).
Made in InkScape, and released under license CC BY-SA 4.0 International, what do you think?
SVG Source code link: Alejo Fernandez / Ricky Rocky Linux mascot · GitLab

Hello, Alejo.

We love your enthusiasm for Rocky Linux! Ricky looks like a fun friend. However, related to the origins of our name the founding team decided not to have a mascot. While it may change someday, at this time we do not have plans to change that.

We welcome desktop wallpapers though! please feel free to share designs with us if you like.

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