Logo and Colours

Hi there,

Working on Anaconda’s customizations.
Do we have an Idea of for Logo and Dist Colours?

Just some ideas here:
Branding - Roadmap - Branding - Rocky Linux Discourse

Looking at the logo now in use on this site, if you turn it upside down, it could be used as a checkmark to indicate completed steps.


In addition to @netz’s reply, you may be interested in the development side of the project as it unfolds. The wiki’s Contributing page has the current places where work is happening. A lot of the “action” is in Slack (you may be interested in the #rocky-development channel) and that’s the best place to dive in or monitor right now. Apologies if you’re already in there and I don’t recognize you. There are thousands of people :slight_smile:

@TheAmigo - I can’t unsee that now, and I’d love for the project to adopt that for check mark purposes! That would be cute.

Powered By Rocky Logo Sticker Proposal…

I made some backgrounds too, here is a link to the compressed file, in 7Zip format…

Proposed Official Backgrounds

Markus McLaughlin
Boston, MA

I like the Rocky logo, but it looks a bit like the Android Q logo.
Are we sure that we stick to this one?
Will it give legal issue’s with Google ?

Althou I really like the logo it might be just a litte close to OpenHAB

About the colours.
My personal favourite is #2f343f. I absolutely adore it. However, need to say this green looks extremely well with the gray, so I would suggest sticking to this colour scheme.

About the logo.
I had an idea that we can put one more mountain to it… What do you think?

This rock looks kind’a neat… could be rendered in 2 colors for simplification.

It’s apparently ‘rock solid’ and steady. :slightly_smiling_face: