Wallpaper Ideas

Please find attached link to the wallpapers I was working on for the release!
Keeping enterprise/professional users in mind, these wallpapers are minimalistic in nature. They largely use shades of three colours. Black, white and Mountain Meadow!
All the wallpapers have two variants, one for light theme and one for dark theme and are available in 4K!
Looking forward to community feedback!



Just curious, are we going to “stick” with just green / grey monotones? I only ask because I had your wallpaper up?..and my son was walking by and asked me “Since when do you use MANJARO?”…just wondering if a little “shot” of another color…(pink?..Red?..Navy Blue?..Sky Blue?..etc) might not be warranted…since we’re trying to “create” own own identity. Just asking is all…

As a matter of fact, I was also contemplating the idea of adding more colors!
And I agree with your assessment that the wallpapers looks a bit monotonous due to relatively “pale” color pallette!
Let me experiment with more colors and will upload the outcomes for community feedback!

Meanwhile, I can also upload the source files for community to experiment with.
I personally use Affinity Designer.
But, I can export the designes in .psd, .afdesign, .ai, .svg files!
Please let me know if someone is interested in designing!

I think variations of 2 would be good.

I’m struggling to see the relevance to the plane/planets or trees say in 3 and 4.

4 is not anyway related to Rocky Linux! I was experimenting with something and I just decided to share the outcome.
Kindly consider the wallpapers to be work in progress!

Having said that, I had some vague idea behind 3!
Please allow me to explain.
Planets/stars/comets are actually made up of rocks/stardust! And I wanted to imply that in some manner! You can consider plane akin to the actually community working hard to bring Rocky Linux to people! That’s why it looks like plane is unveiling the planetary objects, like raising the curtain!

Yes, that makes sense.

I’m by no means creative but just wanted to give some feedback.

It’s interesting to see macos have returned to an artistic design rather than the landscape/mountain/island based photographic desktops they’ve been issuing for a while now, however I note that despite BigSur not being a photograph, it’s still designed as a mountain range with simply different colours representing the range.

I’ve made changes to first two wallpapers and added more colours to them!
Anyone can access them using the same link as earlier. Nevertheless, I’m including it here for the revisiting community members!
As before, this includes a suitable version for light and dark themes as well!
Requesting feedback from community!


Hey everyone, you might want to check out this thread for details about wallpaper submissions/competition.