Any professional designers available?

I have seen a lot of logos and branding thrown around so far, but it would be nice if a professional designer could donate their time to present a logo. Is there anyone out there with a portfolio that we could browse? It is apparent that the CentOS logo never used a designer, and I think this could be something quite beneficial for us to get right.

Edit: Another idea if there are not many designers in our community…Would raising money for a logo done by a freelance designer perhaps using a site like be a possibility? I’d be willing to pony-up my own cash for this. The community would have the ability to see some previous designs done by some candidates, and we could even vote on a designer.

Basically the whole purpose is so that we can try to commit to a designer rather than a single design. It seems far less limiting.

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With the awesome collaboration and the work of both Josh Urbain and Hayden Young. I humbly retract my wish for a professional designer to step-in here.

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shall You need logo designs, visual identifications and/or dtp related designs feel free to just post the brief here.
Can’t help much with other types of design like webpages, ui/ux but i can help with general visual identification.

Already done, they move fast :laughing:

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I am an Italian designer, if you need help, ask me