Merchandise Design Submissions

Hello Everyone!

As you may already know per our recent community announcement, we’re in merchandising talks with Red Barn Creative Team.

We would like to include the community in these efforts by opening submissions for designs right here in this thread. You can find Rocky Linux branding assets on GitHub.

We’ll be closing submissions on 2021-01-27T23:00:00Z EST, so please make sure to show your love for your favorite designs with the like button.


Is there a place we should make submissions? Or reply to this thread?


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We’re collecting submissions right here!

PLEASE be considerate of those of us who live in warmer climates and offer a WHITE colored tee-shirt…! Ther are so many black-colored tee shirts that cannot warn outside on a hot summer day.


I drew up a few variations of my design. Let me know what you think! I am open to suggestions/edits :blush:


I like your artwork, especially with the Penguins alluding to “Tux”. I also like the colors.
But to me, ‘Rocky’ Linux suggests mountains rather than icebergs.
Also, icebergs might be an unfortunate image to use, given the fate of the Titanic.

I am sorry to sound negative and it’s only my opinion.

thank you! yes, I do agree that ‘Rocky’ definitely suggests mountains more than anything. However, I really wanted to incorporate penguins into the design somehow because of Tux and I felt an iceberg was a great way to do so. I appreciate your compliments and feedback!

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The middle one is the best IMO!

Has nice small features like orange pengiun noses, but lacks of snow which is good in my opinion as it makes everything kinda fuzzy.

And simple triangle in ice berg looks nicer than custom ices in 1st image (but they are good too). But I like simplicity so… :wink:

I would definitely buy T-shirts or some other stuff with 3rd image!

But yeah… rocks vs. icebergs are kinda different, but I like it anyway

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I’m no artist but I would think that a simple logo would be more iconic for merch. Just an idea to start:


The concept is simply Rocky mountains with a sun rising over it to signify a new day for Linux.


What about something like this. Based off of the CentOS ‘arrows’ concept.

I’m no artist by any stretch of the imagination, but I envisioned the silhouette of a boxer with his hands raised in victory…

I have borrowed ideas of @sam and @precisonline and added my own spin on it!
The artwork is minimalistic but contains brush strokes, colour gradients etc.!
I was not sure about the sun look better when it is full circle or with a cutout for the mountain! So, I have included both the possibilities!
I have made two variants, one for light material and one for dark material!
Requesting feedbacks from fellow community members!


wow I love all of these! I think the white background looks best because you can see the penguin better but they’re all great. you’re very talented!

Glad to know that you liked it!

I like the one with the full sun, but the only hesitation I would have is that Tux is going DOWN the hill, and that’s not exactly a good metaphor.

You know, now that I look at it, the logo on this forum would be VERY iconic and could be done in any number of different colors.



Thanks for the feedback!

The tux is not going down the hill! The tux is diving in the Ocean! Tux is surrounded by bubbles! The idea was to depict Tux enjoying the freedom, metaphor for being away from the sackels of Corporation!

As you said earlier, rising sun depicts progress/new day for Linux!

Also, the stroke doesn’t end at the border of the sun, it continues in the dark/light! The dark/light background depicts uncharted territory! So, the extended stroke signifies Tux bringing light, warmth/comfort like the rising sun!

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I was also thinking of adding a slogan “We Rock with Linux” to It.

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hi, tried to give it a shot:

have a good day.

edit / fixed link and added tags.