Step-by-step process for forking & rebuild RHEL

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I also suggest Rocky Linux should have well and good documentation. As I notice currently many experience RH and CentOS developer come and join force to build Rocky Linux, which to me this is great time to document the technique for newcomers references


Agree documentation is really important. At nethserver (centos based) we use readthedocs with the option to edit/add on github. This way this can be a true community effort, which idea I do like.

Good point. I guess the BSD manuals give a great high-level overview. There is a lot of more specific information in the CentOS wiki:

And then there are probably resources from SL too… Would be great to gather and modernize this knowledge.


This is very practical and useful:

I like No you can't just "sed s'/Red Hat/CentOS/' (someone always offers that)

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The link you put is useful in general but not practical. We need more details step by step documentation


What about we start designing the process of cloning some repo (CentOS for “fresh” start), building it, adding some scripting to advance the heavy duty, and then fetch packages to a local repo FTP server, and then the mirror. By the end, the complete bundle build of what would be Rocky.

Thus, we start to do baby steps in sandbox and as a prize we got a reproducible cycle, with “do-break-learn-refactor-release” lean process to the score :smiley:

Agree. Count me in for documentation(en,de).

Hi since you said count you for documentation then you should be know the steps. Could you post the “draft” here. Later on when wiki is up, we can put there. :blush:

Just in general :slight_smile:

Well since you know the general. Can you share here? Later on someone will extend and do corrections