Rocky Linux Release Engineering Article Series

Cross-posting this from Reddit, as I’d like it to be visible, and I think it might be useful to people.
(TLDR, First article in a series: )

I’ve decided to write a little series of articles covering some “behind the scenes” work on Rocky Linux: how do we put the distro together from a Release Engineering perspective?

Some topics I think I’ll cover:

  • Overview of software pieces, and how they fit together
  • How source is imported/stored/patched
  • Dependency resolution: more complicated than we think
  • How builds are conducted, build strategy
  • Modules and modular streams

This first entry is just an introduction to Rocky Linux and how it came about. I’m hoping to de-mystify the process by which Rocky Linux and other Feodra/EL based distros are built. And to make the concepts and pieces accessible to a much wider audience.

This is the first article:

Thanks, hope you enjoy!

-Skip (RelEng/Dev guy)


Feels weird replying to myself, but I didn’t think a whole other thread would be appropriate.

The next article is up: Build Steps!

In broad strokes, we’ll go over what steps are taken to get a package imported, debranded, built, signed, and released! There’s also a neat diagram to help visualize the package build infrastructure a bit. This covers several topics, and we’ll go even deeper to some of them in subsequent posts.

Link to the post: Skip Grube Blog

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And a new article is up: Meet the (Software) Players!

I’ll attempt to list out all the components of the build system, and the role of each piece in putting our packages together.

Link to the post: