How could I build Rocky Linux from source?

I do mean compile everything to a base OS and the kernel FROM SOURCE.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you may want to imagine. What exactly are you trying to achieve by doing this? Are you doing this for research? Are you trying to fork something?

It’s not as easy as “here’s some RPM’s, now build”. There is no “step by step process” nor is it simple. There are too many variables and too many moving parts. I’ll quote the below from a prior post years ago.

You can try your hand at downloading all of our source RPM’s and trying to build them yourself with mock, but there are no guarantees that it will build nor work fully. So it would be helpful to understand what your end goal is.

kinda of a research, I want to know how a distro is built, which part is needed, etc.


Does it specifically need to be Rocky Linux? If not have you seen this project:-

Regards Tom.

yes, I want a stable system to test things on too. But I will take a look at lfs.