[SOLVED] How to change themes and icon in rocky linux

step 1: i have installed tweaks.

step2: and went to https://extensions.gnome.org/ and installed and enabled User themes extension.

step3: then i went to Gnome-look.org and download a theme and icon pack, and i couldnt find any .themes and .icons folders to copy or move.

please help me out from step 3.

and also i want to know, how can i install themes and icon packs via terminal, coz its easy to copy paste.


If the .themes and .icons folders do not exist in your home directory, create them.

The downloaded files are compressed, so double click in the file in your file manager. Extract the FOLDER to the .themes or .icons folder.

You can also extract the files from the command line.

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sir i have created .themes and .icons folders and also i have copied couple of themes, but tweak only showing ant themes

Did you log out and log back in?

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