Where are the icons in Rocky 9 Gnome Classic

I upgraded from Rocky 8.6 to Rocky 9, switched to Gnome Classic as I did in 8.6, and found that my Desktop icons were gone, even though the icon files were in the Desktop folder. So I reinstalled 8.6 in my root partition, and the icons reappeared. Can anyone confirm that the icons still appear in the Gnome Classic Desktop for Rocky 9? I know they don’t appear in Gnome 3, but I hate Gnome 3 and am not using it.


I’m seeing the same issue. I have some shortcuts in the Desktop directory that worked in Rocky 8.6, but they don’t appear in Rocky 9.0.

I now have desktop icons in working Rocky 9.

dnf install gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons.noarch

I can’t find much info about this extension, but it does seem to be in the official repos and it does work. You have to log off, and then log on again.

I didn’t like the look at first, but switched from “picture” to “solid” background with default colors, and now it looks really nice.