Desktop icons in Rocky 9 gnome not avaiable

I did a fresh rocky 9 installation just now. I’ve also installed the gnome tweak app but unable to get the extension to show up. How do I get the tweak-extension to appear in the app?

Look at:

dnf list gnome-shell-extension\*

Is it gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons? Is it installed?

I don’t see desktop-icons available

nstalled Packages
gnome-shell-extension-apps-menu.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-background-logo.noarch 40.0~rc-4.el9 @AppStream
gnome-shell-extension-common.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-launch-new-instance.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-places-menu.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-user-theme.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
gnome-shell-extension-window-list.noarch 40.7-2.el9 @appstream
Available Packages
gnome-shell-extension-auto-move-windows.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-classification-banner.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-drive-menu.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-gesture-inhibitor.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-heads-up-display.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-native-window-placement.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-panel-favorites.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-screenshot-window-sizer.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-systemMonitor.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-top-icons.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-updates-dialog.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream
gnome-shell-extension-windowsNavigator.noarch 40.7-2.el9 appstream

Seems to be in the installed list.

I have a feeling that Gnome 40 shifted (enablement of) extensions to some new method. Can’t recall what it is.

The original post is confusing, Gnome tweaks is not the same as the desktop icons extension (which is already in your installed list). The fist thing to clarify is whether you are runing Gnome with


which depends on the choice within the GDM login screen.

You may also need


There is also package ‘gnome-tweaks.noarch’, but that’s something different.

If you’re running Gnome classic, you should see a title bar with “Applications” menu in the top left, and four “Workspaces” boxes in the bottom right.

It’s default workstation…I’ve selected the workstation during the installation. I don’t know if my gnome is classic (or not). My guess its “gnome classic” because I have the “Application” tab on the top bar. No “Workspaces” boxes though

Can you try these four:


[kyiu@mydesktop ~]$ echo $GNOME_SHELL_SESSION_MODE

[kyiu@mydesktop ~]$ echo $DESKTOP_SESSION
[kyiu@mydesktop ~]$ echo $XDG_SESSION_DESKTOP
[kyiu@mydesktop ~]$ echo $XDG_SESSION_TYPE
[kyiu@mydesktop ~]$

I wondered into the software-updates app by chance. I saw an Extensions Application is installed. When I clicked open the app and I saw a “Desktop Icons” switch exists and was not enabled. I switched it to enable, the desktop icons come on immediately. Extension is no longer reside in the tweak app. It’s a separate app.

The “Extensions application” is the one I mentioned two posts up.
Your environment variables indicate you are NOT running Gnome classic, so it sounds like you have Gnome default, but with icons enabled…

Thank for your help. I switched to Rocky 9 only a week ago. I was unaware gnome has changed.