Rocky8 on PERC RAID gone after installation

Hi everyone,

I have installed Rocky 8.6 on an old PowerEdge R710 with a PERC 6/i raid controller using the elrepo megaraid drivers. Installation went fine, but after the reboot it ends up on the grub command line and it cannot see the drives anymore.

So how do I load these raid drivers again and make sure that they will be loaded every time this machine boots?

Should I have done something during the installation process to add these drivers to the system? I was expecting that they would be installed automatically since I supplied them to the installer.

Rocky 8.6 is no longer supported, you should be installing and using Rocky 8.8 and the appropriate drivers from elrepo.

I know, but in this case it doesn’t really matter I think… I just had the USB with 8.6 around and I figured I’d upgrade it after installation.

If you believe that an 8.8 installation will have a different outcome then I’ll try it, but I believe that I will end up at the same point as where I am now…

Is secure boot enabled? Perhaps it’s stopping the module from loading and causing the grub screen? If you disable secure boot and the system boots fine, you may need to follow this if you want secure boot enabled: ELRepo | SecureBootKey

You had ELRepo DUD image that enabled the installer to use the PERC?
The installation process should install the kmod-*.rpm to the system.

If you did use installer of 8.6, then the PERC driver is for el8_6 and works only with 8.6’s kernel.
You did not use Rocky’s online repos that give you only 8.8’s kernel, did you?

What the DUD does not do is install elrepo-release. Without repo definition you won’t get driver updates (that you really need when kernel jumps to new point release).


Ahhhh of course!
Indeed, I did use the 8.6 installer with the el8_6 driver and then let the installer run from the online repos.

Perhaps I’ll just make the jump to 9.2 while I am at it. I’ll create a bootable USB of that and install with the el9_2 drivers, that should do the trick then.

Thanks a bunch! I’ll post an update when I’ve got it running.

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I was convinced that this would indeed be the solution, but alas, I am still booting into the grub command line after a fresh 9.2 install with 9.2 elrepo drivers…

I did not use any online repo during install that time.

Next, I switched from UEFI to BIOS and used Standard Partitioning instead of LVM partitioning.
Again a fresh 9.2 install, no online repos.

Now it works!

So I am not sure what exactly was the fix, could have been a combination of things.
Perhaps it doesn’t like LVM partitioning?

In any case, thank you very much for your help everyone, she’s running great on 9.2 now :wink:

Sounds like iwalker was right, UEFI probably enabled secure boot by default. With BIOS no secure boot.

Yes, but there is a tiny issue … the “success” of installer.

The Secure Boot requires that bootloader, kernel, and kernel modules are all signed with certificates that the UEFI can verify. One has to upload the certificate oo ELRepo into UEFI, before it can verify ELRepo driver modules.

  • If the UEFI cannot verify ELRepo driver, then the installer could not load the DUD and show the volumes attached to the RAID controller
  • If the installer can show the volumes, then Secure Boot is either disabled or can verify the same ELRepo module when loaded by the installed kernel

Good point, strange that it works during installation but not after.

I am not an expert on this topic, but a Linux enthusiast who ran into the same issue.

  1. I am running Rocky 9.2 and updated to 9.3 and my Raid Controller was gone.
  2. I asked ChatGPT to help me fix it.
  3. Can you tell me if this is somehow correct before I smash my Workstation (which I really love) against the wall?

Thanks a lot!

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