Raid controller Dell not compatible?

Hi !

I have a problem to install RL on serveur lame DELL R610 with H700 or origin controller.
During the install, logical drive are not found. I think the driver is missing? I test without external controller and same problem with the PERC6/i onboard.

I test on R630 with H730p mini and no problem

Thanks in advance.

Old drivers are omitted from RHEL 8 (and hence Rocky).
Get lspci --nn of the controllers and look at the DeviceID listing of ELRepo. ELRepo | DeviceIDs

I can’t install RL, it’s on the main installation I have the problem. it’s possible to load the good driver on the main installation ?

Thanks a lot!

If ELRepo has driver, then they might have it in as driver disk image too, in: Index of /linux/dud/el8/x86_64

You can modify the command-line of the installer’s kernel. Add options.
For example: inst.dd=<URL-of-driver-ISO>

This assumes that installer has driver for the network card. If not, then … I’ve never looked up … see: Chapter 13. Updating drivers during installation Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 | Red Hat Customer Portal

Ok thanks a lot I don’t know that I test it soon!

I installed on R710 with CentOS 8 months ago with something like that (the driver was excluded from RHEL, it’s not Rocky related). Or you can use CentOS 7 until 2024.

Is the controller a hardware-based RAID controller or is it actually a software-based raid controller?

In other words, does the mass-storage RAID controller require software installed within the OS or not?

I ran into this problem 8 years ago on CentOS 5 and 6, and discovered I could not do kickstarts or installs without installing the mass-storage drivers and then configuring the RAID’d logical drives.

Just a thought.

A controller is a device and all devices require drivers.

Dell PERC H700 were “Series 7 Family” hardware RAID controllers: List of PowerEdge RAID Controller (PERC) types for Dell EMC systems | Dell US

Not my experience with CentOS.

I have 90% of my SI park with this controller… DAMN !

I have a high end dell g5 — and for nvme drive to even show up, I learned that you have to switch it from raid to AHCI. I turn raid off and use ahci for every single linux install.

Yes but we don’t have a physical drive if you do that, you just can make soft raid, and the H700 controller can’t be on passthrough mode whitout a specifical firmware

That is a different issue. On Intel chipset, I’d guess. When Intel SATA controller is in RAID-mode, an NVME drive on M.2 port is not visible to Linux (but Windows can see it). That is “a feature” of the “fakeRAID”. (Note: an NVME card on PCIe – part of the 16x channels directly from CPU – is visible to Linux.)

H700, however, is real RAID controller. If you don’t have drivers to use it, then you can’t use it (or anything connected to it). Devices, like SATA controller on chipset, graphics, and USB chips might have some basic functionality for which “universal” drivers are included. Advanced features and more special devices require specific drivers (from vendor, usually).