Rocky Linux on Dell Poweredge R240

Does anyone have direct experience with Rocky on a Dell R240? It looks to me like it should work just fine, but I remember CentOS having occasional issues with Dell servers so it’s worth an ask.

No direct exp. But, I’ve had CentOS Linux 7 and 8 on R*40-models (and 5, 6, 7 on older models) without issues.

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deleted post, wrong thread.

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Just to be clear – I don’t have an installation issue. My plan is to order one R240 and install the ISO, then order 3 more if that works okay. I’m just surveying the landscape to see if there are any well-understood issues. Thanks!

It looks like your system may have a hardware controller that’s not supported in 8. You’ll likely need a driver disk. Index of /linux/dud/el8/x86_64

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Thank you! For reference is there a description anywhere on how to bring up a system with non-supported hardware and external drivers? Also, just to ask – are there any rackmount server families that support Rocky “out of the box”? (also – what specifically is not supported on the 240)?

You would need to add inst.dd=… With a link to thr driver disk on the boot command before you start the installer.

On older dell hardware, it tends to be the disk controllers more often than not. There some expansion cards too that aren’t supported any longer or are deprecated but still mostly functional.

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The following links may be helpful:

" Performing an automatic driver update"

" Removed adapters"