Packettracer unavailable for Rocky

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I would like to know if anyone on this forum has found packettracer installation package for Rocky?
I have looked around but cannot find it though snap searches on snap craft but not installing it.

error: The publisher of snap “packettracer” has indicated that they do not consider this revision
to be of production quality and that it is only meant for development or testing at this
point. As a consequence this snap will not refresh automatically and may perform arbitrary
system changes outside of the security sandbox snaps are generally confined to, which may
put your system at risk.

   If you understand and want to proceed repeat the command including --devmode; if instead you
   want to install the snap forcing it into strict confinement repeat the command including

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We are talking about Cisco Packet Tracer?
Cisco does only provide deb files for Ubuntu.
I always thought that the license does not allow redistribution but I may be wrong.

That is correct for Cisco I should have been more specific. I do apologize.

May be alternate to use GNS3 but didnt get chance to install it as yet.

I have found following link for CentOS 7

Therefore I doubt that there is an issue with a license unless may be some work needs to be done.
I found following project on github by ASOL for CentOS7.

With newer versions of Packet Tracer you can also simulate wireless controllers (and some other things that GNS3 does not have), if you are studying for CCNA (this is just an assumption, maybe you’re not) you definitely want Packet Tracer. I don’t want to say you should not try GNS3 but for some topics you will want to use Packet Tracer anyways.

I remember Packet Tracer 7 was compatible with Ubuntu 18, but not with Ubuntu 20 and Packet Tracer 8 is compatible with Ubuntu 20 but not Ubuntu 18. I don’t know if the Packet Tracer 8 binaries for Ubuntu are compatible with RHEL/Rocky 8.

The easiest way to get Packet Tracer (and the official one) would be to register at and download packet tracer deb. The easiest way I can think of is a virtual machine with Ubuntu 20 running just for Packet Tracer.

GNS3 alone won’t do, you will also need IOS images, and these are not free, you will need to find a way to get these images.

Much appreciated for your very detailed explanation. You are right I will have to buy some of gns3 binaries from market places but I was researching if someone within the community did some work towards it, but it does not like at present. I do have couple of Ubuntu VM flavors like Xenial and Focal Fossa. It would be best to setup packettraacer on them with less hassle. I was actually preparing for LPIC 1 and LPIC 2 then I bumped into Wireshark Packet Analysis and Ethical Hacking course therefore decided to get some deep undertanding on Cisco’s routing and switching to get fundamental knowledge of their propriety protocols like VTP, STP and their functionatlity which can add some value to my existing skills. I thank you for your advise and duly noted.