Trying to install GNS3 onto Rocky 9 Desktop - but unable to do!

Unfortunately, the documentation seems to indicate that the application is just for Ubuntu and Arch installations.
Nothing seems to be available on the Github page either.
Attempts to install with the documentation on the Fedora Magazine page (the article from 2019 was the only one I could find for anything along along the RedHat variety) - but pulled up an error message:

The documentation mentions the official repository which might not have the same content as in the Rocky Repositories - as this might be the case, I am at an impasse…

If anyone could assist towards that end pointing me in the right direction for an article, documentation, assistance, etc, I appreciate it in advance!

According to here:

No, there are no gns3 packages. You could try building them from the Fedora source rpms: by searching for gns3 and then building the ones you require using mock.

The other alternative, if you don’t want to build them, would be to install Fedora instead as it has gns3 packages available.