Gnote / RockyLinux9

Could anyone tell me where to find Gnote (sticky notes) for Rocky9.
I tried epel-release, crb, etc …


According to

a third-party repo provides it, so cannot vouch for it as I don’t use it. Suggest maybe building yourself by using the Fedora src rpm (Overview - rpms/gnote - and use Mock on Rocky to build it, or make a request to EPEL to see if someone there would add/maintain it in EPEL. EPEL Package Request :: Fedora Docs

Thanks iwalker…strange I found it in a Debian server…I wonder why there is no commit in el8/el9.

Rocky is not Debian. Just because a package exists in Debian, doesn’t mean it’s going to be available in RHEL/Rocky or other EL distributions. RHEL package only for their requirements and business needs so if they don’t include it, then someone else has to. Be it EPEL, or some other third party repositories.

The same also applies the other way around. Sometimes packages exist for RHEL/Rocky that Debian doesn’t have. Probably a rare occurrence but it can happen.

My team just requested it for Rocky Linux 9. I see it on I’m just going to go ahead and install it through that.


FYI, I see knote is in the main repository. I don’t know how it compares, but there’s that option as well. And a teammate said he really likes cherryNotes which is also available in flathub.

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