Rsnapshot for Rocky 9

The EPEL repo for Rocky 9 does not appear to contain the rpm for Rsnapshot
Of course I can build rsnapshot for myself from the Git but I was puzzled as to why is is not in the Epel 9 repo.

Thanks in advance for any comments

*edit I realize that EPEL is a Fedora project, not Rocky - just curious if any other Rocky users have noticed this

I did a little searching and discovered that there are outstanding requests to build rsnapshot for EPEL 9

So probably a case of ‘wait and see’
I may just build a version from source.

EPEL means Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux. EL as in RHEL. Therefore, EPEL is not about Fedora.
However, it is natural to build RPM packages for both Fedora and EPEL.

EPEL has packages that RHEL does not have. (EPEL Next has packages that CentOS Stream does not have.)

Rocky (and other similar distros) do rebuild RHEL content. From EPEL viewpoint Rocky looks like RHEL.

Indeed, that is the best approach; ensure that EPEL has a request. When/if EPEL does build, then RHEL, Rocky (and others) users can conveniently install the package.