Mate being added to EPEL 8 and 9

Here’s a bit of good news from Wolfgang Ulbrich:

it’s me the fedora MATE maintainer. We are starting to build MATE 1.26 on epel8/9 repos.
I will use higher versions than your package versions to provide people a clean upgrade to MATE 1.26 from epel repo.
So it might be a good point to stop building Mate at corps, …or maybe not. But this will make it harder for users
My motivation is to support rocky linux.

It’s good to see Mate going into a mainstream repo. :slight_smile:


Really excited about this - thanks for the heads up!

Fantastic! I love the Mate desktop :slight_smile:

What’s the install instructions for Rocky 9? There doesn’t appear to be a handy Environment Group to install.


Then we have to guess which packages are necessary.

The more appropriate action is to post feature request to EPEL so that they add the group metadata to the repo. That will benefit more people that instructions for Rocky (that users of other EL9 distros, like RHEL 9, might not know to look for).